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Megaphone by Fastpath Research presents

o1 radio (alpha version)

Listen now: http://radio.fastpath.it:8000/o1.m3u
or point your player to http://radio.fastpath.it:8000/o1

current playlist

Fight the Sea, Josh Woodward
from Crawford Street (2:02)

Stories from Emona II, Maya Filipic
from Between two worlds (5:35)

Ware Liefde (True Love), Kendra Springer
from Hope (4:06)

Fine, The Thermoshredders
from The Thermoshredders (2:51)

Goodbye (Piano Version), Sean Fournier
from Oh My (3:17)

Tube Screamer, After The Ice
from It Happens All the Time (4:23)

Christmas All The Time, Explosive Ear Candy

Cheapskate Romantic, Josh Woodward
from Sunny Side of the Street (3:15)

Crazy As, Julandrew
from Sings Your Favorite Songs (3:11)

Wish, The Thermoshredders
from The Thermoshredders (3:40)

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