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Megaphone by Fastpath Research presents

o1 radio (alpha version)

Listen now: http://radio.fastpath.it:8000/o1.m3u
or point your player to http://radio.fastpath.it:8000/o1

current playlist

There is a place, Drunksouls
from On verra plus tard (2:46)

Victim of Crime, Heifervescent
from Pondlife Fiasco (4:14)

Dance Till I'm Younger, The Devil Music Co.

down these steps, Fresh Body Shop
from orgamilk (2:27)

Snooter, Josh Woodward
from Sunny Side of the Street (2:57)

Harmonies, The Dada Weatherman
from Itchy Hitchhiker (4:07)

American Dream Man, Leslie Hunt
from Your Hair is on Fire (3:19)

Take what U need_leave the rest, Ralph Buckley
from Stardust Rain (7:12)

Suicide man, nocreeps
from Time To Differ (2:35)

Give me a sign, Drunksouls
from On verra plus tard (3:54)

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